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All of our aviation English training materials are written and published by professionals who have hands-on experience in the field. These learner-centered manuals are specifically designed for both students and teachers who want to see real results.

Student Books

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Cleared for Takeoff: Aviation English Made Easy will help you fly safely, communicate confidently in the language of aviation and air traffic control, and meet ICAO language proficiency requirements.

The books are available as an iBook, Kindle, Adobe PDF eBook, and in print.

eBooks are full color, page-by-page reproductions of the print book. The iBook is the only format with embedded audio built into the book. The Kindle, PDF eBook, and the print version uses an internet download for the audio recordings.

Advantages of eBooks include:

  • immediate delivery
  • no shipping costs
  • no import tax/duties/tariffs for international customers


  • iBook is the only book format with built in audio recordings
  • full search capability
  • table of contents with hyperlinks
  • printable exercise and review pages, and select pages that accompany audio recordings
  • view on iPad and Mac laptop/desktop with the iBooks app


  • audio recording downloads
  • full search capability
  • table of contents with hyperlinks
  • printable exercise and review pages, and select pages that accompany audio recordings
  • view on any device with the kindle app (desktop, laptop, iPad, Kindle Fire, or most Android type mobile readers)

Adobe PDF eBook

  • audio recording downloads
  • full search capability
  • table of contents with hyperlinks
  • printable exercise and review pages, and select pages that accompany audio recordings
  • view on desktop, laptop, iPad, Kindle Fire, or most Android type mobile readers

Instructor Books

Instructor Books

iBook, Kindle, pdf

iBook, Kindle

iBook, Kindle, print

Aviation English ESL Training

Pilots, air traffic controllers, and aviation technicians around the world are stepping up to meet the ICAO English language proficiency requirements. Flight training and ESL schools are responding to meet the demand. At AE Link we believe that understanding and speaking Aviation English is essential, and not merely to meet a new standard, but to ensure safe flying everywhere.

  • The Cleared for Takeoff: AVIATION ENGLISH MADE EASY student books have been designed to help the student obtain a strong foundation in English for aviation.
  • The Teacher's Supplement has been designed to support the Cleared for Takeoff: AVIATION ENGLISH MADE EASY student books.
  • SHOW ME: The Flight Instructors Guide to Teaching International Students introduces the "learner centered" perspective for flight instructors teaching international students.
  • The Lesson Plans book has been designed to provide a framework to add consistency and standardization to a language program.

Professional Reviews

"Cleared For Takeoff is a standout ESL Aviation curriculum. If you are an ESL professional with no aviation background like I was, you will find this curriculum an excellent starting point for building your program."

Janna Rice
Aviation English Instructor
Scandinavian Aviation Academy,
San Diego, CA

"Finally a book is out on the market that allows students that are speakers of other languages to learn radio terminology AND improve their English conversational skills from an illustrative and didactic format. Thanks to this set of texts, Cleared for Takeoff, our students are now able to pass their flight licenses without being hindered by their language barriers."

Michael Wanek, CFI,
Dean International.

"Finally, there is a way to learn English necessary for flight in one course made for pilots by pilots."

Melanie Quillen
Vice President - Plane English

Online Courses

AE Link Publications has partnered with Sky Aviation Academy to create online courses for Aviation English.

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Aviation English

This online course consists of 36 lessons based on two books available from AE Link Publications, CLEARED FOR TAKEOFF Aviation English Made Easy, Books 1 and 2. For each lesson, complete the self-study section then schedule a Classroom session for the lesson.

ATC 2 Pilot Interactive Communication Course

This online refresher course will prepare pilots to meet the requirements for ICAO language proficiency. Currently, there is no single test to assess language ability. This course will prepare pilots through practice of aviation English in performance categories where pilots need proficiency to fly safely and efficiently. By completing satisfactorily all parts, pilots will be able to demonstrate proficiency in meeting the ICAO language requirements.

Visit Sky Aviation Academy for details.Sky Aviation Academy header image


About the Author

"When barely three or four years old, I used to lie flat on the soft grass and shut my eyes tight. I dreamed that I could miraculously lift off the ground and fly. Nobody could convince me otherwise."- Liz Mariner

Over the course of more than forty years as a flight instructor, chief flight instructor, and founder of two flight schools, Liz Mariner has known firsthand, and met, the urgent need for improved Aviation English proficiency. Liz has two lifelong passions: she loves to fly, and she loves to teach. Liz began her flight training at Parafield Airport, South Australia, in 1961, and in 1965 became the first female flight instructor trained completely in that country. She earned both the Royal Society of Arts Certificate (University of Cambridge) to Teach English as a Foreign Language to Adults and the Australian Centre for Languages Certificate in Adult TESOL. Applying the ESL teaching methods she learned to the aviation environment, Liz pioneered effective new methods of airborne and ground instruction. Through many years of refining, Liz became an authority in teaching the language of aviation, gaining renown for both her method and her ability. Liz subsequently chaired an Australian government civil aviation safety review program to establish effective and measurable English language standards for pilots. She was formally recognized by the Australian Civil Aviation Authority for "excellence in instruction" and for her outstanding contribution to aviation safety. She also became the first designated UK radiotelephony examiner in Australia.

Today, Liz operates her own aviation consultancy. Increasingly in demand, she has designed and facilitated Aviation English courses for many of the world’s major airlines, ranging from ab initio training to commercial pilot license training, instrument rating training, and conversion and simulator training for advanced aircraft. She is frequently invited by airline management to assess the English language proficiency of prospective airline cadets as part of the selection process. Liz also regularly delivers aviation theory courses to foreign students in the subjects required for an Australian commercial pilot license.

Liz is regularly sought after by today’s leaders in the aviation industry, but she is equally appreciated by her many devoted students throughout the world. A passionate student of languages herself (having studied French, Bahasa Indonesia, Latin, German, Japanese, and Mandarin), Liz is inspired and motivated by students eager to learn. She is a gifted, dynamic, and dedicated teacher whose lively and engaging style has made the task of learning to fly, and learning to fly using a new language, both achievable and enjoyable. AE Link is proud to offer the aviation industry the Mariner Method of Aviation English learning, Cleared for Takeoff: Aviation English Made Easy. Flight institutions around the world are taking advantage of Liz Mariner’s proven work.

About Us

About AE Link Publications

AE Link was founded in 2006, but it really began many years before that in the far reaches of China, where as an Aviation English teacher I struggled to teach would-be pilot students how to make sense of the indecipherable radio chatter that they would have to learn to communicate with when they went on to flight training.

Serendipity intervened in the form of a fellow teacher who arrived at the school for her twelfth time. Her course had to be fit into the many others she had scheduled because there, in China, she was legendary. She was Liz Mariner, an Australian dynamo, a one-woman teaching whirlwind. Her effect on the students was amazing. She had a seemingly magical way of getting them to talk and to listen well enough to really hear.

"It’s not hard to get them talking about airplanes," Liz would say, "but you’ll never find it in a workbook because that one hasn’t been written yet." And she was right. Standard ESL workbooks could teach the students how to buy a bus ticket or ask directions to the post office, but there was no material in existence that would teach them how to speak the language of aviation—a challenging enough task for the native English speaker. So, AE Link was born. And now, in Cleared for Takeoff , her easy-to-use workbooks, Liz Mariner shares her knowledge, her enthusiasm, and her simple joy for living and teaching with the rest of the world.

Daniel Myers


Daniel Myers, Managing Director. Dan has more than 30 years' experience in the aviation industry. He is a pilot, flight instructor, air traffic controller, Aviation English teacher, and a published novelist. For subrights, distribution, and other business partnerships, contact Dan at

Steven Barker, Commercial Development Director. Steve recently retired after 25 years as an air traffic controller at Los Angeles International Airport. He is an ESL teacher and a sailplane pilot and is fluent in Japanese. If your flight training school, ATC training institution, or airline needs expert guidance on program development contact Steve at

Kathryn LaVergne, Production Director. With many years' experience in editing, writing, and publications production, Kathy is also an ESL teacher. She oversees production of our training materials, ensuring that AE Link products are clear, organized, and easy to use.

Dylan Krassensky, Marketing Manager. Dylan has been active in the aviation community since his teens. He studied business and marketing at San Francisco State University before becoming an air traffic controller. He is also a pilot and practicing flight instructor who enjoys being involved in the international aviation community.

Cybele Gallo, Sales Representative in Brazil Cybele is an aviation English teacher at Anhembi University, Sao Paulo, a language examiner of pilots and flight attendants for Brazilian airlines and the Brazilian Civil Aviation Authority , and a consultant to language schools, airlines and general aviation companies. For inquiries in Brazil or other Portuguese speaking countries contact Cybele at

Professora e Consultora especializada no ensino de inglês para aviação . Trabalhou nas maiores empresas aéreas brasileiras como avaliadora de proficiência em inglês de pilotos e comissários, e como examinadora da ANAC . Atualmente leciona no Curso de Aviação Civil da Universidade Anhembi Morumbi . Presta consultoria para escolas de idiomas, empresas aéreas e aviação executiva . Elabora e aplica testes de proficiência linguística para processos internos de seleção,promoção e acompanhamento de desenvolvimento linguístico de tripulações de solo e de ar. Elabora programas de cursos de inglês para atender as necessidades específicas de aprendizagem do cliente.


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